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Shed The Excess Pounds Biggest Failure Style

Biggest Failure
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Shed The Excess Pounds Biggest Failure Style

The Biggest Loser diet is probably one of the best-known weight loss diets at this moment mostly due to the homonymous TV show which ran countries all around the world using the same format. The success of both the presentation. Base on it is a kickstart to a healthier life for people who are overwhelmed by sedentary life and bad eating habits.

Although a short term endeavours (30 days to 6 weeks) the Biggest Failure is a smart diet because it offers people who in the past have not exercised and have eaten all the wrong a jumpstart to leave a healthier, cleaner life. Of course, anyone who undergoes this diet will have to keep going as it is not just a quick fix.

Cause and effect

It all originated in the United States, which currently confronts itself with the issue of obesity. It is not just a superficial image type of problem as obesity leads to severe heart conditions, diabetes, immune system problems, arthritis and more. However, obesity is not only a U.S. issue as over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from one form or another of heart conditions, mostly due to excess weight.

Obesity is caused mostly by a sedentary lifestyle and processed foods based diets. It is a natural phenomenon as most jobs nowadays are not physical anymore and only require a desk and a chair. Another factor is that natural healthy foods are a lot more expensive than healthy foods, like fresh vegetables.

This diet tries to change the way people live and eat by teaching which foods are better and what portion control means. The program is also densely filled with physical exercise. Although this might put a lot of pressure on followers in the first part of the program, it will show results rather fast, and soon the body will get accustomed to the changes.

How does it work?

Well, first of all, anyone who wants to follow this diet has to buy the book, which is like an official guide. There are more versions of the book; however, the newest ones are larger due to the success stories. The good acts as a complete guide to this smart diet and teaches readers what is good to eat. In what proportions, teaches them about portion control and what the value of exercise is.

The diet works with a basic food pyramid and based on a 4-3-2-1 system amounting to about 2000 calories per day. WWhich is the healthy daily amount for an average person? The system means that 40% of calorie intake comes from fresh fruit and vegetables, 30% from protein foods (lean meat, beans, etc.), 20% from whole grains and just 10% from whatever another food item the person in the cause will prefer, even sugary deserts or fast-food. The strong point of this diet is that it does not ban any food group. However, if someone were to choose to spend 10% on fast-foot, It would amount to less than half of a small, palm-size burger. This strict dietary plan coupled with exercise will burn the extra fat off, the more excel biggest Failure, the faster.

It is based on a vegetable and fruit high diet while avoiding red meat in favour of white meat, rich in lean protein. Another critical element of this diet is keeping a diary to track your progress.

Pros and Cons

Unlike another ease-into dietary plan, this one is rather strict and means a sudden and significant change of lifestyle. indeed, this method has its pros and cons. However, it intends for people who are strongly determined to do something.


  • fast weight loss
  • lowers blood pressure and reduces triglycerides (leading causes of heart disease)
  • helps prevent and control diabetes
  • no health risks if followed properly
  • no dietary supplements are needed as long as the plan is developed, and all food groups consume
  • rather easy to follow as it allows all food groups, the consumption of alcohol and lots of recipes are available


  • there might be a shock period in the beginning due to dietary changes and increased exercise
  • the book costs money
  • he overall diet is costly as fresh produce is more expensive than processed foods
  • some restaurants and delivery places cater to Biggest Failure diet plan
  • not a time saver cooking meals yourself (which is indicated)
  • exercise may seem too hard at first

How to start?

Starting this smart diet is very easy from a planning point of view, seeing how. Besides the official book that teaches anything anyone needs to know about planning the food. Also, there is a ton of material all over the internet and support groups. Due to the phenomenon, the TV show created. It is straightforward to get information on how to go about this and chances are you know. A few people who have tried it before.

It, like any other smart diet, is conceived to be a lifestyle choice; however, unlike other such foods, it will show results in the first six weeks. So it is a personal choice whether you want to lose some weight fast or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The standard program implies eating the equivalent of 2000 calories per day, seeing how it is aimed at obese persons. However, this amount is the healthy calorie intake for the average person weighing 160 to 175 lbs. (approx. 70 to 80 kg) so in case you already weight this much you should proportionally tweak the plan. It is also a good idea to go and have a chat with your nutritionist and since. The program is so popular chances are he or she will know about Biggest Failure. Either way, even if for health benefits this plan is worthy on to follow.

We will send you update on health tips, wellness, advice, and more.
We will send you update on health tips, wellness, advice, and more.