How being underweight is a problem.

While most of us would have thought that only obesity could be a health problem and in fact. Most diet plans one finds aim at Optimum Weight. Being underweight can also be a significant health issue. The medical definition of the term ‘ skinny person’ is a person whose body weight is at least 20% below the ideal body weight. Aand is considering to be too low to be healthy.

One of the most prominent causes of being underweight is the presence of underlying diseases which may.May not have diagnosed—itis. Especially so in people who tend to lose weight suddenly. If the disease-causing weight loss diagnoses and treatment starts, the chances are that automatically the person will gain weight.

However, in other people, being underweight is simply due to an unhealthy lifestyle, including bad eating habits. Which cause a deficiency of many essential nutrients and minerals in the body. These deficiencies do not only lead to a permanently weak disposition but also affect the stamina of the person. Weaken the immune system making the body susceptible to many diseases. A research conducted by the John Hopkins School of Public Health stated that being underweight can even be life-threatening since the shallow immune system of the body plays. Host to many infections which can even result in the death of a person. Being underweight also causes a person to turn anaemic and can cause menstrual problems in women.

For these reasons, it becomes increasingly essential to maintain optimum weight. The optimum weight varies according to the age of the person gender and height.

Diet plan components for gaining weight

Gaining weight can turn out to be easier than anticipated. It is more difficult to cut back on cravings for fat. Greasy food which a person who is trying to lose weight faces. However, gaining weight does not mean indiscriminately eating each. Everything you can get your hands on, but rather a balanced diet plan should follow :

  • Add calories to your body the healthy way – While oily or butter-rich food can add thousands of calories to your body in a single day.It is never the recommended option. Instead, calories should add through consumption of calorie-rich healthy foods like nuts, sunflower seeds, food cooked in sunflower oil. Whole wheat bread or pasta.
  • Protein – Eating a protein-rich diet is essential for an underweight person since it strengthens the immune system and increases the general stamina of the body. The best sources of proteins are lean meats like chicken, turkey, beef and pork. Whole eggs or egg whites must also definitely be a part of the diet. One can also try peanut butter, tofu, and cottage cheese to supplement the protein deficiency.
  • Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are essential, not just because they help in building the body but also because they fulfil the much-needed energy requirements of an underweight person. The best source of carbohydrates is starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn, whole wheat pasta or bread, brown rice, cereals etc.
  • Fats – Contrary to popular belief, direct intake of fat, either saturated or unsaturated, does not help in gaining weight. Instead, excess fat consumption can often reject by the body and may result in indigestion problems. A low to medium fat diet works best.
  • Eat mini-meals – The most significant problem faced by underweight people while following a diet plan is that they have a minimal appetite. To overcome this difficulty, it advised incorporating mini-meals in between breakfast, lunch and dinner, which may include your favourite snacks like crackers, protein bars or nuts.

A sample diet plan for gaining weight

The following is a sample plan recommended by experts which ensures high-calorie intake, at the same time maintaining the health of the body:

Early morning: Have a glass of creamy milk or coffee with sugar and milk.

Breakfast: At least two eggs, either hard-boiled, soft boiled or scrambled along with slices of multigrain or whole wheat brown bread. One can also have oatmeal or cereals along with berries or other whole fruits. Also, make sure to have another cup of creamy milk or coffee along with breakfast or immediately after.

Pre-noon snack: A casual snack or oat crackers or your favourite protein bar. Some people may also prefer to have fruit like nectarine, which is rich in protein.

Lunch: A green leafy salad is a must which can contain spinach and watercress. Avocado is also a popular recommendation for a lunchtime fruit since it is high in calorie. For meat lovers, a piece of roasted chicken or fish should suffice.

Evening snack: A sandwich makes a filling and tasty evening snack to have along with a glass of fibre-rich juice. If the sandwich filling is cottage cheese, it would be even better.

Dinner: Dinner is supposed to be a light affair. One can have a variety of soups just before dinner while the meal itself can comprise of a simple salmon fillet and some cooked green vegetables like broccoli along with brown rice or whole-wheat pasta for company.

Some more useful tips

A diet plan for an underweight person would be incomplete without the following precautions and tips:

  • Apart from a high-calorie diet, energy drinks like Ensure and Boost are also quite popular for gaining weight.
  • Physical exercises like weight-lifting and power yoga can help in proper distribution of fat throughout the body.
  • Some people prefer to use weight gain supplements too though a doctor should refer to before taking them.
  • Start slow and increase your calorie intake as you see your appetite expanding.
  • Keep away from junk food like deli meats, hotdogs, pizzas and sodas as they do nothing but bloat up the body without fulfilling any energy requirements.

It becomes amply clear that being underweight is a severe medical condition and needs to be cured through the proper diet plan. Before starting the diet, it would be best to check exactly how much weight you need to put on and keep checking your progress at regular intervals.