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The best way to submit a guest post is by using the contact form below, then please tell us all about yourself and what you would like to write about. We read submissions and posts on a daily basis and I am forever fascinated by the variety of post content.

Note that we accept only health guest post. Once it’s clear who you are and what your preferred topic is, we proceed to discuss the details and agree on the publication date.

We always co-edit posts with the writers and the post is only deemed ready for publication when we are both satisfied with the quality and content.

If you are a novice blogger, that may sound slightly daunting, but you needn’t worry, We have a gentle approach. Professional bloggers can rest assured that they will get full credit and plenty of attention.

What to Write About

I am listing all my favorite topics, remember we look forward to a quality guest post because our reader loves it. In this topic suggested:

  • Easy drop diet
  • Body Building
  • Fitness Ideas
  • Bodybuilding
  • Gym Exercises
  • Running
  • Weight Loss Info
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Vegans
  • Vegetarians
  • Health and Medicine
  • Lifestyle
  • Product Reviews
  • Psychology Tips
  • Self-Motivation

Blog post titles can look similar to the following:

We are open to all types of fitness-related topics, therefore, and love publishing the words of great minds.

What Publishing a Guest Post Will Do For You

We have come to realize, that publishing guest posts benefits everyone. My readers get an eclectic mix of voices, my website remains fresh and content-rich and you as a guest blogger won’t go away empty-handed either your benefits are:

  • When you write, you want to be read! Guest bloggers enjoy having their contributions read by thousands of my readers. You will get plenty of constructive feedback, engage in discussions, and connect with lots of new people.
  • Those starting a writing career can gain valuable experience when submitting guest posts. We are open to telling people the secrets of successful blogging. We are always glad to support you in your efforts.
  • We gladly let you hijack my readers and previous guest bloggers have seen an enormous increase in subscription numbers to their personal blogs.
  • Some of our guest bloggers have been asked to write for other websites and if your post is thought-provoking and exciting, you are likely to be a requested writer too.
  • Many of our guest bloggers have become regular contributors and getting to know them all has been a privilege. You will join a group of great people!

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Guidelines for submitting a guest post

We don’t tolerate spam, please provide us with an original article. If you use another website please be sure to cite it in the resource section of your post. Please make sure any image that you use in either free stock photo is not given credit to the author in the resource section of the post. These rules and guidelines are created to ensure that we only provide high-quality of content and maintain the highest website standards as much as possible.

  • Keep your article short, sweet, and to the point
  • Use proper headings and formatting
  • Every blog post should be original content and should NOT be published anywhere else on the web (including your own blog/website)
  • A minimum of 700 words in length
  • Use proper blog etiquette that includes NO use of offensive, provocative or defamatory content
  • Must include one image/screenshot that compliments the post
  • Only one anchor text backlink to your website
  • We DO NOT accept posts related to porn, gambling, dating, casino, nudity, or any kind of drug to promote.
  • We reserve the right to reject or alter any post without prior to any notification
  • We reserve the right to edit the post for grammatical errors and structure
  • If you want to get a backlink to your brand, commercial product/services then you have to pay the flat fee of 50eur. We will contact you if you fall into this category.