Pure green food

Pure green food, with highly concentrated plant extracts, can be used as the smart diet during the detoxification—this kind of intelligent diet base on the feeding of foods that are green in colour. And you know that they are necessarily cabbage, cucumber, kale, lettuce, and chard. But that is not all that useful in this smart detox diet.

Despite the “miracles of modern medicine,” human health is in today’s world increasingly deteriorating, and at an alarming rate. The weakened immune system, various diseases, and chronic degenerative conditions were rare a hundred years ago and occurred mostly in the elderly. Chronic pain, fatigue, indigestion, insomnia, hypertension and rel

Many reasons contribute to this development. Mediocre quality food, rich in preservatives, additives and synthetic flavour enhancers, polluted air and water and stressful way of life contribute to the pollution of the body and the consequent weakening of health. Over time, toxins accumulate and damage the tissues, organs and organ systems, creating a surplus of acid in the body. It is resulting in the development of many diseases, such as diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, malignant diseases, etc. Fortunately, there is a simple, smart diet for rapid detoxification and repair the damage that toxins can cause tissues and organs.

The concentration of pure organic chlorophyll

The concept of green food refers to food each purified concentrate made from cereal grass juice, for example. Barley or green algae that grow on the surface of unpolluted seas and lakes. The term “green” derives from the high concentration of pure organic chlorophyll, which is one of nature’s most powerful blood purifiers and cleaners tissue, essential for every detoxification.

The chlorophyll in mills and haemoglobin in human blood has an equal biochemical form. The only difference is in the fact that the haemoglobin binds to iron and magnesium in the chlorophylls. Haemoglobin is responsible for the transport of oxygen through the blood; a lack of haemoglobin reduces the blood’s capacity to transport oxygen. Chlorophyll participates in the construction of “strong” haemoglobin and thus supports the entire process of detoxification.


It can significantly accelerate the detoxification and removal of toxins from the blood, liver, and intestines. A smart diet with green food can bind heavy metals (e.g., mercury), which is then in such a bound form removed from the body.

Green foods contain several essential amino acids essential for further reproduction of cells and repairing tissue and organs. Pure green foods with highly concentrated plant extracts can use as the sole form of Nutrition during detoxification. It is full of active enzymes and contains a high concentration of plant extracts. Its nutrients quickly released for assimilation into the bloodstream, from which its transport to the body’s cells.

Dehydrated juice of young barley leaves is one of the most widespread and most commonly used forms of green food and as such regularly used for detoxification. The composition has a high concentration of chlorophyll, nutrients, and active enzyme. Due to the mild alkalinity neutralizes the acidity that occurs as a result of stress. It is also a real “energy booster” and helps to reduce the symptoms of allergies, strengthens the immune system and metabolism.

Algae Chlorella

Name of green food refers to some species of algae such as Chlorella – single-celled algae that grow on the surface of large unpolluted lakes and rivers. These plants are amongst the most used forms of life on earth. They are living matter richest in protein, amino acids (65 per cent by weight of dry matter), water-soluble vitamins (B and C) and fat-soluble vitamins (A and E). B complex vitamins are essential for the recovery of the balance of the liver, brain and nervous system in general. Chlorella contains a well-balanced combination of nutrients, such as protein, essential amino acids, chlorophyll, carotenoids, vitamins and minerals. Its solid wall cellulose human body cannot digest, and link to its heavy metals and toxins from the body and removed.

These algae can found in all well-stocked health food stores in the form of powder and tablets. The recommended daily dose is from 3 to 10g, that is, 1 to 3 teaspoons per day. This powder can be dissolved in water, tea or freshly squeezed shock.

The green clay

For a smart detox diet, it is essential to mention the green earth, full of living matter “natural intelligence” acting ability of discernment and has excellent absorbent power. Green clay binds to organic molecules, fat and metabolic waste products. At the same time, releasing trace elements and thereby improves the metabolism of the body’s cells when taken orally. The Powerful revitalizing effect of clay we could explain in its ability to absorb and retain solar magnetism, and is broadcast throughout the application.

How to use green clay for cleansing the body

Green earth must certify for oral use. Such clays are on sale called ventilated land.

In the evening, dilute a full teaspoon of ventilated green clay in a glass of water (uncooked best spring).

In doing so, do not use a metal spoon or cup – clay must not come in contact with the metal.

Take the clay in the morning after getting up and in the evening or at bedtime. Optionally, you can take the earth one hour before a meal.

Take the clay in the following manner:

Week 1: In the morning without interference drink only water, and the precipitate drop

Week 2: Stir in the morning, leave for 5 minutes to precipitate to settle, and drink water

Last Week 3: In the morning, stir and drink water immediately together with clay

Then take a break. This course of cleansing the body can work 2-4 times a year.

Optimum Nutrition – minimal waste

Herbal teas, green food, digestive enzymes, various vitamins, and minerals represent the full spectrum. Except for detoxification, it can use to maintain optimal weight and balance in the body. If you consume excellent foods with minimal formation of toxic waste, the level of toxicity in your body will be lower, and the quality of your life will be higher.