Introduction to pancreatitis

Inflammation of the pancreas (acute pancreatitis) is manifested by pain that is constant, strong and expanding clearer. Patients describe this situation as intolerable pain that makes them tightened like a hoop. The pain is intense in the supine position, and the patients feel easier when sitting and bow forward.

For the pathogenesis of acute pancreatitis, can be held responsible for many factors. The most common are alcohol and stones in the bile ducts. Alcoholism is a common cause of pancreatitis in men. It is disturbing that there is an increasing trend. In women, the leading cause is gallstones.

Thanks to the better treatment of biliary tract disease, the number of pancreatic inflammation caused by this issue is declining. Other causes of acute pancreatitis are various changes in the duodenum, infections, some medications (corticosteroids, diuretics) and ductal obstruction of the pancreatic duct by multiple agents.

The mechanism as listed causes can initiate the process is not fully known. But occurs as an effect of the damage of pancreatic tissue own enzymes (autodigestion).

The diagnosis is relatively easy and fast to install. Thanks to the typical clinical picture and laboratory findings (increased levels of amylase in serum and urine, increased number of leukocytes. Less frequently elevated glucose values).


A special place in the diagnosis represents an ultrasound and CT examination with great certainty that reveals not only inflammation but often possible complications. It, also, provides invaluable information so gastroenterologist and surgeon who will decide on treatment.

The direction of the treatment

The treatment goes in the direction of first calming pain with analgesia. With the interruption of food intake and water by mouth, which administers intravenously. The cause of pancreatitis infection removes with antibiotics. The purpose of obstruction by gallstones done by removing the gallbladder intervention (endoscopic or surgical).

Basic rules in the smart diet for pancreatitis

The aim of the intelligent food in liver disease, biliary tract. Pancreas are to improve the nutritional status of the patient, as well as the general condition of the case during the intense phase of the infection.

The basic rules with liver disease include:

  • A complete ban on alcohol consumption
  • The use of entirely fresh ingredients, with strict avoidance of canned meat. Fish products, as well as smoked chicken, smoked, dried, fermented meat instrumentation,
  • The use of lean meat types, as well as eggs in moderation,
  • Avoiding spicy, ripe, fermented cheese
  • Ban harder digestible leafy vegetables and legumes depending on the function of the digestive tract of patients,
  • Fat is minimal, although it recommends vegetable oils used only once
  • Prohibition of the use of spices like pepper, paprika, mustard, salt.

In acute hepatitis, in the beginning, it is given a strict diet, fluid predominates. And in the healing, a phased move to a permanent protective diet for liver disease. A time of transition to a healthy diet determines the doctor. A smart diet should protect patients with chronic liver disease for liver disease.

The aim of the menu in diseases of the gallbladder is calming gallbladder by choosing appropriate foods. And that includes the minimum amount of fat on the list.

Best tips:

If it is an acute inflammation of the gallbladder, tea break (only teas, trace water) lasts up to 3 days. Low-fat soup. Then soup, mashed vegetables, cheese mashed potatoes, rice pudding, stewed fruit. Fruit juices bust, and at the end cappuccino, mashed apples, peeled fruit, the toast of white bread.

In the interim of the diet given, patients can consume products made of white flour. Rice, boiled potatoes, braised veal or poultry, vegetables with minimal add fat. Also, they can eat sweet biscuits, biscuits, puddings. In a quiet period, patients suffering from diseases of the bile ducts are on a permanent protective diet with lean meats. No eggs, sour cream, beans, sourdough, fresh fruit in large quantities, etc. But with even more big limitation and should not use the yolk.

Acute pancreatitis should be treated only in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor. Nutrition in Chronic pancreatitis should carry out at home as a chronic disease of the gallbladder.