Celebrity Diet that Defeats Disease and Fat!

Dr Mehmet Oz recently discussed the benefits of an alkaline celebrity Diet on one of his shows.

Dr Oz said acidic foods could trigger acid buildup inside your body, making you vulnerable to weight gain and disease. 

It doesn’t matter if these foods taste acidic, but it’s the acidic effect, once ingested that can cause issues. The best example is lemon. It feels acidic, but it has an alkaline impact once your body digests it.

Dr Oz had on his show dietitian Ashley Koff, author of Mom Energy. Koff said we all could do with eating more alkaline-promoting foods and less acid-forming foods to aid in the prevention of diseases and weight loss.

To have a complete 80 per cent alkaline celebrity Diet, you should eliminate dairy, meat, wheat and grains. Removing these foods decreases the chance for disease to breed in the acidic environment. Those who have been avid proponents of the alkaline diet, like Victoria Beckham, say eating 80 per cent alkaline foods and 20 per cent acidic foods is the optimal balance for good health, reduced inflammation and weight loss.


According to Koff, here are some of the top acidic foods you should avoid:

– Refined carbs such as flour and pasta.
– High-obesity buttery and cheese.
– Animal proteins, such as red food and poultry.

In contrast, Koff said the following foods are alkaline-forming and promote good health:

-acidic fruits like lemons and limes
-tropical fruits like papaya and mangoes
-green vegetables such as avocado, celery and parsley
-gluten-free grains like quinoa
-spices such as cinnamon and ground ginger.

A sample menu on the alkaline-food diet seems like this:

  • Breakfast. Scrambled eggs (acid-promoting) with spinach (alkaline) and half a grapefruit (alkaline).

A trick that Dr Oz says will help with acidity in your diet: Drink a cup of water with lemon before eating an acid-producing food (such as ice cream or chocolate). Doing this will dramatically cut down on acid overload.