Bad Food: ‘Werewolf Diet’ Attracting a Pack of Celebrities

Legend has it that a full moon can make a person crazy – or, on occasion, turn a man into a wolf.

Rumour has it you can get lean and mean by timing your diet to coincide with the phases of the moon.

Folks, if this isn’t the end of the world as we know it, we’re surely in our Twilight!

So, who would fall for such lunacy? Well, for starters, there’s Madonna and Demi Moore. According to news reports, these two ladies have a lot of fur-weather friends who also believe the phases of the moon can positively faze their diet.

It’s terrifying that a diet that claims to help you get lean and mean via moon power is attracting a pack of followers.


How in the world is this supposed to work, anyway?

The premise: eat according to phases of the moon. The “science” behind the diet: just as the moon influences ocean tides, it will also affect how your body flushes toxins. During a new or full moon, you avoid food and sip on the water for 24 hours. Less hardy souls can substitute vegetable juice and maybe even a piece of fruit.

Now what kind of self-respecting werewolf would eat fruit? Sounds suspiciously like a juice cleanse disguised in wolf’s clothing!

Okay, so as you move past the full moon and head into the so-called waning moon, you handle yourself to a balanced diet and slurp up at least eight glasses of water per day.

During the waxing moon, you instructed (hmmm, perhaps by a Gypsy woman with a crystal ball?) to eat less, to avoid sweets as if they were a silver bullet, and to stop eating at 6 p.m.

“It’s another fad weight-loss gimmick that’s going to be ineffective in the long run and based on no science,” said board-certified obesity specialist Dr Charlie Seltzer.

“The weight loss you get in these Training is all water weight. True fat loss is a lot slower process, and it’s physiologically impossible to lose (the promised) 6 pounds of fat in a day.”

There is some study showing that intermittent fasting can benefit you live longer. However, that’s over a lifetime.

While we enjoy gazing at the full moon as much as the next guy, we would never expect this heavenly night light to help us lighten up.

Our advice for weight loss: don’t wolf down your food and keep moving. You never know when a real-life werewolf will sneak up on you.